środa, 6 maja 2015

I must move out to Venice. FL

Hi Everyone, Today i am going to move to Venice in Florida. I have some business there so i can catch up with my friends. My Tour is finally over so i can seek some more interesting condos for sale in Venice. I dont know why I am writing this - propobly nobody will read it. Any way - right now i works as real estate agent in Venice. There is a lot of houses, apartments and of course condos with is my favorite. Tommorow i will go to seek some local stuff like shops, wall mart, liquir (just kidding). Ok That's. it. Bye bye.

poniedziałek, 4 maja 2015

if i only had a 1950000 dollars in Florida

Hi again... ...and it is me...again. I am very sad right now because i wan invited to party in Florida in condo in Fort Myers. Well form yesterday this condo for sale in Fort Myers but i dont have enough money. It is ONLY 1950000 hahaha :( Well i am still looking for something for rent and a job of course. Ok i am going to sleep now, i must sleep because last night was crazy. I heard this music:

and i can not stop to listen it :) I dont know if my english is good enough to run a blog so if there is any problem with my english let me know but remembern be delicate :P

czwartek, 30 kwietnia 2015

Update from Florida

Hello my friends,
Today is thursday about 7:00 and temperature is allready 78F (or 26C). I am drinking cold coffee and still looking for some place to stay. My friend told my that Martin Bricket can find me cheap condos for sale in Florida. He seems to be nice and open person so i am going to meet him tommorow. He sells condos and apartments and houses so he knows all people. Ok i must go to pack up, today i am going to looking for a job. Wish me luck.
all best :*
PS. This video looks interesting. Its about history of Florida:

środa, 22 kwietnia 2015

Video about Florida

Hi again,

I have been looking some stuff in YouTube about Florida and I found very interesting video:

Best Martin

I just moved to Florida

Hi everyone,

My name is Martin and I just moved to Florida. This blog is all about me and my vacations in Florida. So... where I should start? I know! Maybe lets start from the beginning: I need some place to stay. I am looking for apartaments and condos for rent in Florida. I will let You know how it is going very soon.

All best

PS. Best sunset ever: